Special Projects and Events - Conference Set Up Request Form

This form is to support you with your conference or event. For all University-hosted conferences and events, approval from Financial Services is required in order to collect revenue and handle money.

Please complete this form,

  • If your conference has a registration fee or a budget that will be collected or distributed by Financial Services.

  • If your conference is being held in conjunction with an external organization, such as a regional or national association.

In this case, a conference hosting agreement or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) should be executed between the University and the external organization(s). The agreement establishes the scope of the conference, responsibilities for each party, insurance requirements, authorized signing authority for expenditure approval, and financial responsibilities in the event of a surplus or loss. The agreement should be signed by an EMG Member, the Saint Mary’s Conference Organizer, and an authorized signing authority for the external organization.

Please provide the following supporting documentation when completing this form:

  • Approved conference hosting agreement or MOU

  • Draft budget

  • Draft or outline conference agenda or schedule

These documents can be e-mailed to Amanda Saoud (amanda.saoud@smu.ca), Conference and Events Coordinator, Academic Learning Services

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Conference organizer (main contact)
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if yes, e-mail agreement to amanda.saoud@smu.ca, Conferences and Events Coordinator.
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External Organization contact
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Please send draft budget to amanda.saoud@smu.ca, Conferences and Events Coordinator.
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The Conference and Event Coordinator, Academic Learning Services, will contact you within 2 working days.