Educational Development & Technology

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Connecting you with teaching scholars

Teaching and learning is about sharing and telling our stories. As we enter an era of disruptive change and significant technological innovation, it is important to collaborate and explore ways to advance learning through our teaching.

Our team of Educational Developers, Instructional Designers, and Teaching Technicians are well prepared to assist you as we move forward into this exciting future.

We look forward to working with you as you advance your knowledge in university teaching, start your next teaching and learning project, or join a Community of Practice.

Educational Developers

Will Kay

Jennifer Tupper

Jonathan Shaw

Instructional Designers

Mandy MacArthur

Teaching Technicians



All SMU Educators

Whether it is collaborating with colleagues, trying out an innovative way to teach, or researching the science of teaching and learning, you have knowledgeable educators ready to assist your next teaching and learning project. 


Digital Education

Stepping into the 21st Century with devices and social media channels is sometimes overwhelming when teaching.

Expert educators are available to walk you through best teaching methods when using technology in your curriculum and classroom. 

They demystify online education to provide faculty with teaching strategies and evidence-based activities for those wanting to teach in an online learning space.

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Support and Training

With experienced and professional educators on staff, they have created a collection of resources and sessions for you to join. 

Check out the variety of workshops, events, and on-demand sessions to boost and revitalize your teaching practice.