Summer Abroad Programs

Going abroad on a university exchange is a great way to enhance your education. You could find yourself immersed in a new culture, language, and way of life.

If you want a shorter study abroad experience while doing the bulk of your schooling at Saint Mary’s, our international summer program could be the perfect option for you.

Overseas summer programs offer a great way to sample a world of opportunities. They often focus on specific subject areas, and typically last four to eight weeks.

Where can I study?

Continue your education abroad by choosing from dozens of the summer programs offered by our partner universities around the world for graduate and undergraduate students. Download the list to browse your options, or contact us to discuss your international experience goals.

Ready for more time abroad? We have more than 100 partner universities in 26 countries around the world that offer semester and full-year exchanges.

How does it work?

Many of the institutional agreements we’ve signed with our partner universities include “tuition swaps” where you pay your regular tuition fees directly to Saint Mary's University for your transfer credit hours, making the exchange process much smoother for you.

Terms start and finish on different dates at many of our partner institutions, but generally this is the timeline for the application process:

  • Late fall — Narrow down your choices of summer abroad programs.

  • Early winter — Apply for the program(s) of your choice.

Who can I talk to?

Our Exchange Advisor will help you navigate your options. She can:

  • Provide program advice

  • Facilitate the application process

  • Liaise with partner institutions

  • Conduct pre-departure orientation

To make an appointment, call call 902-496-8725 or email

Your Academic Advisor can check which courses you have left to complete in your academic program requirements, and whether any of those remaining courses can be taken abroad. They will also help you obtain approval for your transfer credits by completing a letter of permission after you get accepted to SMU Exchange and nominated to a partner institution.