Small Teaching

In the book entitled “Small Teaching: Everyday Lessons from the Science of Learning” James M Lang bridges the gap between research and practice to facilitate better student learning. Each chapter presents theories and models to address three main areas for university teaching.

  1. Knowledge

    • Retrieving

    • Predicting

    • Interleaving

  2. Understanding

    • Connecting

    • Practicing

    • Self-Explaining

  3. Inspiration

    • Motivating

    • Growing

    • Expanding

Rather than modifying your entire curriculum when only a part of the curriculum is not working effectively, consider ”the notion of "small teaching , an approach that seeks to spark positive change in higher education through small but powerful modifications to course design and teaching practices” (Lang, 5).

This book is available on loan from the Saint Mary’s Educational Development and Technology Studio group. Contact to borrow this book.

Lang, J. M. (2016). Small teaching: Everyday lessons from the science of learning (First edition.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.