T4 Site Manager: Add Media items to Content

  1. Sign in to Terminal 4, through SMUport, using your S# and associated password. The link is located on the Employee/Faculty Services tab.  
  2. Using the Site Structure tree (centre), navigate to the page that you wish to add content to. 
  3. Select the Content tab (centre), and click on Create Content (right). 
  4. Assign a name, and then in the Main Content editor, click on Insert from Media (second last button). 
  5. Use the folder tree (left) to navigate to your authorised folders, and select the media that you wish to add. 
  6. Click on PreviewSave, or Save and Approve to update your webpage in the desired manner.  
  7. All done! Make sure that you Approve new content, otherwise it will not go live. Please allow up to 24 hours for changes to be visible, due to scheduled server updates.  

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