Word: Anonymous comments

  1. Open the document, with comments, that you want to make anonymous. 
  2. Click on File (top-left). 
  3. Click on Info (top-left). 
  4. Click on the Check for Issues drop-down menu (centre-left), and then Inspect Document
  5. Choose whether or not you'd like to save the document before making the personal information changes; recommended for important documents. 
  6. Ensure that Document Properties and Personal Information is checked, then click on Inspect (bottom-right). 
  7. When given the results, next to Document Properties and Personal Information, click on Remove All. Then, click on Close (bottom). 
  8. Save the document with a new name. 
  9. Check to see that your changes are anonymous. They should say "Author", rather than your name. You may need to click elsewhere in the text for this to take effect.  
  10. All done! This tool can be used to remove other unwanted hidden formatting, but be careful to save a different version both before and after making changes.

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