Brightspace: Create a basic Weighted (%) Gradebook

  1. In Brightspace, click on the course that you want to work with.
  2. Click on Grades (top).
  3. Click on Manage Grades (top).
  4. Click on Settings (top-right).
  5. Click on Calculation Options (top).
  6. Select the Weighted Grading System; choose to release the Calculated (system) or Adjusted (controlled by you) Final Grade to students; choose an Ungraded Items option; and choose whether a student's final grade is automatically updated, throughout the semester. Click on Save, and then Close.
  7. Click on the New drop-down menu, and select Category. A Category should be created for each associated section of marked items in a course (eg. Quizzes, Assignments, Exams, etc.).
  8. Give the Category a name (eg. Quizzes), weight (out of 100% for final grade; eg. 30%), distribution of individual item values if there will be multiple ('manually' if there will be different values, or 'evenly' if the values will be the same; eg. three quizzes worth 15%, 10%, and 5%, respectively, OR three quizzes each worth 10% ), any number of items to drop, and display options for students. Click on Save and Close, or Save and New to add another.
    Optional: Click on Restrictions (top) when creating or editing a Gradebook Category or Item to define parameters for students viewing their grades. Basic functions include hiding, or releasing for specific dates.
  9. Click on the New drop-down menu, and select Item. Items are the individually graded articles that comprise a Category (eg. Quiz #1, Quiz #2, Mid-term, Final, etc.).
  10. Click on Numeric.
  11. Give the Item a name (eg. Quiz #1), choose the appropriate category (eg. Quizzes), define Points (does not affect percentages), and weight (if manual, out of 100% for the Category). Click on Save and Close, or Save and New to add another.
  12. All done! Grades can now be entered using Enter Grades (top-left), and Categories and Items can be edited using the drop-down menus accessed by clicking on the small arrow next to each name.

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