Brightspace: Create a randomised Quiz

  1. In Brightspace, click on the course that you want to work with.
  2. Click on the Assessments drop-down menu (top), and select Quizzes.
  3. Click on New Quiz (top-left).
  4. On this page you can define the Quiz name and information, as well as optional support features, such as disabling right-clicks, etc., then click on Save and Close (bottom).
    Optional: browse through the other options tabs (Restrictions, Objectives, etc., at the top) for greater functionality (see FAQ Create a Quiz for more details).
  5. Click on the Quiz that you've created.
  6. Click on Add/Edit Questions (centre).
  7. Click on the New drop-down menu (top-left), and select Random Section.
  8. Give the section a name, and any relevant information, and click on Save.
  9. Click on the Random Section you've created.
  10. Click on Import (top-left).
  11. Select the Source Section from the Question Database, then choose the desired questions to add to the Random Section. Click on Save (bottom).
  12. Define the number of questions per attempt, and the point values for each. Click on Save (top-left), and then Done Editing Questions (top-right).
    Optional: To make the answers for a question appear in a random order, click on the small arrow next to the question name, and select Edit. Here, check the 'Randomise options' box, and click on Save. Repeat, as desired, for a set of questions.
  13. Review the Section/Question order, assign a number for Questions Per Page, and click on Save and Close.
  14. All done! Remember to activate a Quiz in the Restrictions tab, otherwise it is not accessible to students.

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