TurningPoint: Host an Anywhere Polling session

  1. Insert your USB receiver into any USB port, and wait for Windows to recognise the hardware. A light will activate on the device when it's ready.
  2. Open the TurningPoint software (this will be TurningPoint Dashboard, or TurningPoint Cloud). If using the Cloud software, please sign in.
  3. Note the ResponseCard receiver channel (centre) for your Direct Response device participants. The default channel is 41.
  4. If there are participants using ResponseWare devices for polling, click on Click to Connect (top-right) to begin a ResponseWare session, allowing them to connect to the session. If applicable, choose a Session ID and options.
  5. If applicable, select a participant list, and content for polling, from the lists on the left.
  6. Click on Anywhere Polling to open the polling interface.
  7. Click the Play button to poll each question. This interface also allows you to customise answer options, set timers, view results, etc.
  8. After polling all desired questions, close the interface using the X in the top-right corner.
  9. Choose to save data from the polling session. This data is available under the Manage tab of the main software interface.
  10. All done! Review the data for your purposes for desired results.

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