Cross-Cultural Challenges in the Classroom

The final session of this series focuses on mutual cultural awareness in the classroom.

Our university is a meeting place for students and faculty from many nations, languages, cultures and ethnicities. Unrecognized differences in culture-based thought systems can affect students’ integration and academic performance. Learn to understand how international students think, and explore strategies to help maintain communication between instructors and students of varying backgrounds.

Acculturation & Strategies for International Students

Cross-Cultural Challenges in the Classroom is part of a series of five interactive workshops about supporting international students. These sessions offer research-based intercultural teaching strategies, as well as guidance and support for challenges of sociocultural adaptation and language competency.

The sessions are presented by Academic Learning Services in The Studio for Teaching & Learning, and are designed and delivered by Muhammad Elhabibi, an Academic Learning Specialist who facilitates the language learning process for international students at SMU. Mr. Elhabibi has 35 years of teaching experience in multiple countries and learning contexts, including three Canadian universities. The series was originally designed for instructors, but may also be of interest to Saint Mary’s University staff who work closely with international students.

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  1. International Students & Academic Acculturation

  2. Conversation Skills & International Students

  3. Academic Writing & International Students

  4. Emotional Attunement & International Students

  5. Cross Cultural Challenges in the Classroom