Students at Saint Mary’s have many exciting opportunities to grow academically and personally. As you transition from a new university student through to a university graduate there will be some challenges along the way. Learning from these challenges is part of the university experience. The Santamarian community is here to help and support you as you pursue your academic goals. We care for you and want to see you succeed.

Welcome Weeks

Our programs for incoming students provide a strong foundation for your university journey: meet new friends, begin to understand academic expectations, and learn about our Santamarian values.

Student life at Saint Mary's University Halifax

Student Life

Starting a new chapter of life can be overwhelming. While each student is unique, there are common experiences and shared challenges. The Transitions guide is designed to support you throughout your time at university.


The finish line is in sight! Before you cross the stage, explore on-campus resources to help you transition from student to citizen of the world

Useful links for SMUdents

Student Transitions initiatives are part of the President's Council Action Team. We develop and coordinate academic programs that emphasize student success and academic skill development, and focus on the transition of students into, through, and out of Saint Mary's. 

In close collaboration with the faculties, Student Services, and other academic support units in Academic Learning Services, our programming is intended to reach all students at their own level and pace.

Contact us

Dennis Mills
Student Transitions Specialist (Academic)
Burke 112
(902) 491-6564