Student Transitions (Academic)


Dennis Mills,

 Student Transitions Specialist (Academic)

Academic Learning Services
Burke 112
(902) 491-6564


We develop and coordinate academic programs that emphasize student success and academic skill development, and focus on the transition of students into, through, and out of Saint Mary's. During university, students are in “transition,” always changing, developing, and growing. With effective academic support, based in theory and best-practices, students are better able to focus on learning.

In close collaboration with the faculties, Student Services, and other academic support units in Academic Learning Services, the Student Transitions Specialist (Academic) programming is intended to reach all students at their own level and pace.

The Student Transitions Specialist (Academic) work includes:

  • Planning, developing, and implementing academic support programs for students.
  • Assisting in planning, developing, and implementing the Saint Mary's Welcome Weeks.
  • Collaborating campus-wide on First Year Experience program development.


The Student Transitions initiatives are part of the President's Council Action Team.