About the Teaching and Learning Symposium



This year is the launch of an annual Teaching and Learning Symposium. This event is to provide faculty and professional staff an opportunity to share and explore ideas, research, and teaching experiences with their colleagues. The symposium program highlights emerging themes in university teaching, showcasing excellence, innovation, and scholarship.


Faculty participating and presenting at the symposium can expect to:

  1. Collaborate with colleagues on introducing and solving teaching and learning matters

  2. Explore a teaching and learning theme or topic

  3. Apply gained insights from the Symposium to their teaching practices


We would like to acknowledge our host and sponsors for this event. Without their contributions this would not be possible.

This event is hosted by The Studio for Teaching and Learning and co-sponsored by:

  • Senate Committee for Learning and Teaching

  • Patrick Power Library

  • Enrolment Services

  • Information Technology Systems and Support

  • Facilities Management