While in UPrep

Our courses provide an introduction to university life, and the opportunity to learn in a supportive environment. If you have any questions about our policies, procedures, or available services, please contact us at extend@smu.ca or call 902-420-5492.


There are two different accounts that you will use to access university facilities and online services. Your Self-Service Banner Account (A#) allows you to view the courses you are registered in, transcripts and final grades. Your Computer Account (S#) accesses campus computers and WiFi, as well as online tools like SMUport and Brightspace.

If you are new to SMU, your A# is sent in an email after you enrol in a UPrep course. If you did not receive this email, contact 902-420-5492. 

To create your S#: 

  1. visit activate.smu.ca
  2. enter your A# as your Banner ID, and your birthdate (ddmmyy) as your Banner PIN

Academic integrity 

Students are expected to refrain from dishonest practices such as plagiarism, cheating, and falsification. It’s not worth risking your chance at a great education to gain a few marks on a test or assignment.

The Extended Learning office will take appropriate disciplinary action in response to academic dishonesty; this may include a mark of zero on a test or assignment, or mandatory withdrawal from the course without a refund.

Details about our academic integrity standards and appeals process are in the handbook each UPrep student receives at the start of classes.

Access to student services

All UPrep students should obtain a Saint Mary’s University ID card. This card is your key to campus services. 

  1. Visit the SMU library via the main floor of the Atrium; all cards are issued at the University ID Centre located on the main floor of the library. 
  2. You must provide photo ID (passport, driver’s license) along with your A# (see Accounts section above). 
  3. Your first ID card is free. It will be printed at the ID Centre while you wait. If you need a replacement card, you’ll be charged a $15 fee. 
  4. The ID Centre is open:
    • Monday to Thursday: 10 am - 2 pm and 6 pm – 8 pm 
    • Friday: 10 am – 2 pm
    • Saturday: 1 pm – 5 pm
    • Sunday: 2:30 pm – 6:30 pm 

Writing Centre & Academic Communications

Make an appointment with the Writing Centre for academic support. They offer free one-on-one tutoring, as well as extensive online resources. 

The Writing Centre
Room 115, Burke Building

Fred Smithers Centre for Students with Disabilities

If you have a diagnosed disability you may be eligible to receive accommodations during your studies. For more information contact: 

Fred Smithers Centre
3rd floor Student Centre

Patrick Power Library 

Your ID card is also a library card. UPrep students are welcome to access the Patrick Power Library at SMU, and all the resources that come with it.

Our library provides access to a wide variety of online and print resources, along with a quiet place to study. 

Conflict Resolution

We are committed to promoting an environment free from discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment, based on the protected characteristics set out in the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act. To make a complaint, or request information or support, contact:

Conflict Resolution Advisor
Room 416, Student Centre

Campus computers & Wi-Fi

Wireless access is available to all UPrep students. Connect to smu-wifi by entering your your S# and password credentials (see Accounts section above). 

UPrep students also have access to the computer labs on campus. To sign-in on a campus computer, you need to enter your S# and password credentials.



Attendance will be taken each class; a final attendance list will be held at the Extended Learning office for a period of one year. Attendance plays a role in your overall course grade; its weight varies depending on the course you are enrolled in. 

If you miss a scheduled test or exam you must provide your instructor with a doctor’s note. You will have seven days from the original test or exam date to rewrite the test or exam. The rewrite will be arranged by the Extended Learning office and the instructor; the rewrite will be scheduled on a week day between the hours of 9:30am and 4:30pm. 

If you are unable to make the scheduled rewrite date you must submit an additional doctor’s note. The weight of the missed test or exam will be added to your final exam.

Withdrawal policy

In order to withdraw from a University Preparatory course, you must fill out and submit the Course Withdrawal Form. 

An administrative fee will be held for any course withdrawal prior to the start date of the second class. NO refund will be issued for withdrawals on, or after, the start date of the second class. 

For online courses, the start date is considered a Monday. In order to withdraw you must do so by 11:59pm the following Sunday.

Grades & transcripts

Final grades will be on Banner ten business days after your last class. Your Self-Service Banner account is the only way to access your grades; your instructor is not able to provide you with a final grade for the course, and final grades will not be given out over the phone or via email.

You can also request your transcripts using Banner online. There is a $5 fee per transcript request.

Mature student scholarships

We offer several scholarships for students 22 years of age and older, who are enrolled in a degree or certificate program at Saint Mary's University. Some of these scholarships are specifically set aside for students who have completed University Prep courses. 

Learn how to apply for Mature Student Scholarships.