Sharing the Love at Pride Parade

A few rain showers couldn't dampen the spirits of our resolute BNUZ group, who were swept up in the excitement of the 2018 Halifax Pride Parade.

A few reactions from students:

"No matter your race or your age... all these people came to support the LGBTQ community!"  - Bessy

"I was deeply touched by the Pride Parade because it gave me a sense of equality and liberty." - Yuki

"I was deeply impressed by the people in colourful, fancy clothes and special make-up!"
- Annikay

"[Attending Pride] was an exciting and relaxed activity. We were really surprised!" - Eden

"I liked the floats very much! They were beautiful!" - Eva

"It was pretty fun! I loved it!" - Jade

"So much fun! A fantastic experience!" - Sam