Touchdown BNUZ!

For the first class in a two-part introduction to Canadian football, our visiting students met with Head Football Coach James Colzie III and seven members of the Huskies team for a look at the history of the game and its importance in Canadian varsity athletics.

Although football has yet to gain widespread popularity in China, one of the newest members of the Huskies is a young man from Beijing who was determined to join the squad this year. Michael Turner, who is preparing to begin his studies in the International Master of Teaching English (IMTE) program at Saint Mary’s in September, said he was drawn to the sport by its toughness and emphasis on teambuilding. Michael didn’t have a great deal of experience playing the sport until recently. “Coach Colzie has given me a great opportunity. Now I want to become a warrior on the field alongside my teammates,” he said.

Following Coach Colzie’s introduction to the history of football in Canada, the rules and objectives of the game, and some of the Huskies’ legendary exploits on the field, the BNUZ students had a chance to try on some football gear and learn how to throw the ball.

Now that they know the fundamentals and have an idea of the effort Coach expects from every player and prospect, the students will get a taste of what it takes to become a Husky next Friday at the BNUZ@SMU Football Boot Camp. “We’re going to put you though your paces and see what you’ve got,” he said.