Congratulations to the winners of the 2014 Academic Writing Awards

SMU Academic Writing Awards.jpg

Best overall + Best undergraduate humanities paper

Daniel Giesbrecht, Irish Language Print Culture, 1550-1870 (HIST 4829, Dr. Warner)

Award: $300.00, transcript notation, Afficio publication
Award: $100.00, transcript notation, Afficio publication   

Runner-up overall + Best undergraduate social science paper 

Travis Crowell, What We Choose to Remember: The Human Costs of the Vietnam War (ANTH 3334, Dr. Zelenietz)

Award: Transcript notation
Award: $100.00, transcript notation, publication in Afficio

Humanities (upper level) runner-up

Candice Albright, “Ourself Behind Ourself, Concealed:” The Importance of History and Memory in Margaret Atwood’s Alias Grace (ENGL 3500,  Dr. Padraig O’Siadhail)

Award: Transcript notation

Humanities (lower level) winner

Paul Merrimen, Inward and Outward Existence in Kate Chopin’s The Awakening (ENGL 3348.2   Dr. David Heckerl)

Award: Transcript notation, Afficio publication

Humanities (lower level) runner-up

Emily Hillman, ‘Ulysses in a Stola’ (HIST 2453, Adam Hyatt)

Award: Transcript notation

Science (upper level) winner

Logan Francis, A Comparison of Physical Random Number Generators (Physics 4600, Dr. Dunlavy)

Award: $100.00, transcript notation, publication in Afficio

Social science (upper level) runner-up

Travis Crowell, World of Ash: Employing Materiality in The Road (ANTH 3836, Jonathan Fowler)

Award: Transcript notation

Social Science category (lower level) winner

Isalean Phillip, Critical Book Review: Michael Nest’s ‘Coltan' (IDST 2301, Dr. Ervine)

Award: Transcript notation, publication in Afficio

Special thanks to the adjudicators

Dr. Rohini Bannerjee (Humanities)
Dr. James Cameron (Social Sciences)
Dr. Damien O’Keefe (Social Sciences)
Dr. Claudia DeFuentes (Business)
Dr. James O’Brien (Business)
Dr. Heather Sanderson (Humanities)
Dr. Philip Giles (Science)
Dr. Lindsey Carmichael (Science, Senior Tutor, Writing Centre)
Mr. Brian Hotson (Director, Writing Centre)