Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Academic Writing Awards

SMU Academic Writing Awards.jpg

Best Overall + Business category (upper level) winner

Hayley Gavin, COMM 2293 - "Report on Private Accommodation Rental Services"

Social Science category (upper level) winner

Alicia LaPierre, PSYC 4827 - "Beyond Primary Victims: Child Victims of Terrorism, and the Role of Terrorism Media"

Social Science category (upper level) honourable mentions

Elinor Hammond, POLI 2305 - "Simulation II Report, State C: Treaty Compliance Mechanism"

John-Paul Nduka Nwaezeigwe, POLI 3322 - "Globalization and Development: A Cycle of Continued Exploitation and Underdevelopment"

Social Science category (lower level) winner

Mia Samardzic, POLI 3205 - "Prostitution: A Reflective Analysis"

Humanities category (upper level) winner

Eric Franklin, HIST 4500 - "The Bard’s Witness: The Welsh and Early Modern English National Consciousness"

Humanities category (upper level) honourable mentions

Eric Franklin, HIST 3301 - "Democratic Backlash: The Decline of Public Hangings in Early Modern London as Implications of the Ruling Elite’s Hegemonic Domination of the Justice System"

Paul Merrimen, ENGL 3351 - "Race, Masculinity, and Subjectivity in Toni Morrison’s Beloved and Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian"