About Brightspace

D2L's Brightspace is a Learning Management System (LMS) that facilitates online collaboration between instructors and students, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of Saint Mary's University courses.

Brightspace provides a unique shell for each course registered in Banner, and automatically populates class lists. Within their course, instructors can post news items, update a calendar, manage course files, assess discussions and quizzes, grade assignments, manage a live grade book, assign groups, and much more.

Get help

The Software & Application Support Centre (SAS), in Atrium 107, offers training and support for Brightspace. Contact the SAS at, or by phone at (902) 496-8168.

Brightspace FAQs

Brightspace - Access (Student FAQ)
Brightspace - Dropbox - Submitting (Student FAQ)

Brightspace - Add Content
Brightspace - Content - Delete
Brightspace - Content - Add Audio and Video
Brightspace - Content - Add an Existing Dropbox
Brightspace - Content - Copy/Import from Dalhousie University
Brightspace - Content - Copy/Import from Saint Mary’s University

Brightspace - Discussions

Brightspace - Quiz - Randomised
Brightspace - Quiz - Submission View
Brightspace - Quiz - Connect Grade Item

Brightspace - Dropbox - Rubrics
Brightspace - Dropbox - Submissions
Brightspace - Dropbox - Connect Grade Item
Brightspace - Dropbox - Submitting (Student)

Brightspace - Gradebook
Brightspace - Gradebook - Enter Grades
Brightspace - Gradebook - Student View

Brightspace - Classlist - Add TA
Brightspace - Classlist - Email Class
Brightspace - Classlist - Email Student(s)
Brightspace - Classlist - View by Group

Brightspace - Groups
Brightspace - Groups - Enrollment
Brightspace - Groups - Grading

Brightspace - News
Brightspace - Rubrics
Brightspace - Checklists
Brightspace - Student View
Brightspace - Open or Extend a Course